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Name: Kathryn

Joined: 11/30/2019

Total Cards: 117/150





          rainbows02.png, Dec 2019               


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12 Days (Day 12): aurora01, cherries05, otters01, fruittrees16, tourmaline11, moss08, dogs16, leaves11. 12 Days (Day 10): sunsets08, pigs03, coral17, 15. 12 Days (Day 11): topaz11, leaves08, 5


Updates - snowdrops11, snowdrops15, wildmushrooms03, wildmushrooms20, snowleopards06, snowleopards14, poinsettias08, poinsettias12.

Haylee Wish: mistletoe08 (double), rainbows15, gold05, snapdragons02, quartz15, kiwis11. .

Lottery: seaurchins03, seaurchins01, snowleopards02, 2. Freebies: sapphire19, mountains17, gorillas11, 3. Blackjack: fog10, pigs01, hamsters17, 3. Slots: woods09, caves16, 3. Higher or Lower: whitelions14, wildmushrooms18, coal10, 2.  

12 Days (Day 2): sunflowers18, hydrangeas04, seedlings03, 3. 12 Days (Day 1): rainbows02, lightning12, quartz19, pinkbeaches19, 3. 12 Days (Day 3): seedlings04, obsidian01, 2. 12 Days (Day 4): cherryblossoms03, pinkbeaches16, watermelons11, chameleons12. Memory: coral10, moon15, foxes13, 1. 12 Days (Day 5): snowyowls08, sharks08, cherries19, dolphins16, snowleopards12, waterdroplets18. 12 Days (Day 6): quartz14, snapdragons20, sapphire05, 10. 12 Days (Day 7): aurora06, horses06, 6. 12 Days (Day 9): snowyowls10, 10. 12 Days (Day 8): lightpillars13, sunsets15, moon16, islands14, 10.


Rock, Paper, Scissors: bears11, caves14, sunflowers07, 1. War: beaches08, mint14, waterfalls09, 3. Memory: kiwis06, kiwis17, waterdroplets08, woods18, 3. Blackjack: venusflytrap13, pumpkins05, 3. Freebies: hamsters11, penguins04, 3. Slots: woods14, mint16, 1. Scramble : foxes16, bluebells03, sunsets12. 

New Decks: polarbears16, penguins02, mistletoe16, polarbears14, mistletoe08, penguins18, hollybush17, seahorses19, seahorses11, hollybush03. 

S flamingos03, N tornados04, O pinecones14, W waterfalls07, D waterdroplets16, A galaxies09, Y jellyfish04.


Starter Pack: flamingos02, flamingos19, tornados11, sheep13, rosequartz10, dioptase01, lightpillars01, pinecones15, galaxies08

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