Name: Kathryn

Total Cards: 164/300
Joined: December 4, 2019

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Level Up: brownies01, brownies02, friedchicken05 (double), pumpkinpie07, kale20, 6 candy canes

Updates - corn02, corn18, mangos03, mangos11, chickennuggets09, chickennuggets15, deviledeggs01, deviledeggs18. 

Slots: corndogs20, garlicbread14, cornbread05, 10 candy canes. Blackjack: cannelloni02, potatochips07, fougasse08, 3 candy canes. Guess The Number : kale07, garlicbread04, applecider21. Unreleased Deck Voting: cannelloni22, cookiedough20 (double), gnocchi04, 5 candy canes. Wheel of Fortune: broccoli06, clamchowder19.

Wish: cards between #15 brownies15, 16 cupcakes16, 17 pizza17, 18 tacos18, 19 cookiedough19, 20 mashedpotatoes20, 21 frenchfries21, 22 mintchocolate22, 23 frenchtoast23, 24 garlic24, 25 grilledcheese25. 


Updates - gravy02, gravy12, sweetpotatofries05, sweetpotatofries02, lemonade11, lemonade09, broccoli17, broccoli04. bentobox23, bentobox19, peaches12, peaches16, garlicbread07, garlicbread02, cinnamonrolls08, cinnamonrolls09. clamchowder13, clamchowder23, marshmallows05, marshmallows17, macandcheese11, macandcheese03, milk20, milk12. 

Wish: G cookiedough21, R brownies12, I pizza20, N frenchfries03, C cupcakes18, H frenchtoast01. C tacos15, H cookiedough05, R brownies18, I pizza01, S cupcakes09, T mashedpotatoes04, M mintchocolate13, A garlic02, S grilledcheese17

Lottery (3 Numbers) : milk15, friedchicken10, lasagna04, one choice card - brownies09. 

Wheel of Fortune: burgers06, pumpkinpie15, marshmallows20. Unreleased Deck Voting: calamari16, sweetpotatofries16, lemonade19, 4 candy canes. Freebies: fougasse11, broccoli14, 1 candy canes. Memory: gyoza12, cheesecake20, coffee04, 5 candy canes. Blackjack: milk01, calamari18, corndogs02, 4 candy canes. Tic Tac Toe: cheesecake01, chocolatechipcookies10. Slots: applecider12, bubbletea15, garlicbread10, 8 candy canes. Guess The Number : applepie20, peppermintpatties17, cookiedough08. Card Claim: (January 3): brownies24, cupcakes05. 


Blackjack: tacos22, popcorn12, hotchocolate24, 3 candy canes. Guess The Number : bagels13, shortbread08, brownies05. Wheel of Fortune: shortbread06. Unreleased Deck Voting: friedchicken17, lasagna06, steak12, 4 candy canes. Wishing Well: corndogs21, 2 candy canes. Card Claim: (December 9): brownies19, tacos16. Slots: cornbread17, bagels11, popcorn15, 10 candy canes.

Updates - ribs08, ribs06, applepie01, applepie14, animalcrackers01, animalcrackers05, peppermintpatties16, and peppermintpatties14. Wish - 5 cards of choice - cupcakes14, cookiedough13, tacos08, brownies08, and pizza09.


Starter Pack: brownies22, brownies07, tacos02, poutine08, cupcakes17, brownies22, cookiedough20, pizza02, potatochips24

Guess The Number : burgers19, friedchicken03, corndogs14. Slots: mashedpotatoes07, friedchicken07, applecider24, 3 candy canes. Wheel of Fortune: cupcakes10, frenchfries22, mintchocolate05. Wishing Well: friedchicken22, 2. Unreleased Deck Voting: potatochips24 (double), hotchocolate21, frenchtoast19, 4 candy canes. Memory: garlic13, poutine11, friedchicken05, 3 candy canes. Freebies: grilledcheese12, pizza16, 1 candy cane. Tic Tac Toe: frenchfries07, mashedpotatoes21. Card Claim: (December 4): brownies03, tacos19. Card Claim: (December 4): brownies03, tacos19. Melting Pot:

Traded potatochips24 for tacos17..

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