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Joined: December 5, 2019
Total Cards: 336/300


x30 x13 x1 x8

Fire x11   Ice x6   Dragon x3   Ground x5   Poison x4   Steel x4
Bug x3   Dark x5   Electric x2   Fairy x4   Fighting x5   Flying x6
Ghost x6   Grass x5   Normal x4   Psychic x5   Rock x6   Water x7
Rainbow x4  

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Might Trade


20thanniversary03.png, Dec 2019                                                      

                             slowbro08.png, Dec 2019                              


Will Trade




     miraculousduo08.png, Dec 2019  gigafall07.png, Dec 2019           


    slowbro08.png, Dec 2019  



Updates - sneasel05, sneasel04, shuckle08, shuckle01, scizor11, scizor03, qwilfish12, qwilfish05.

J jigglypuff06, A misdreavus03, N slowking05, U misdreavus04, A valentines110, R ampharos05, Y blissey12.  (max 2)

piloswine05, piloswine06, ursaring03, ursaring08, teddiursa04, teddiursa03, slugma08, slugma09, delibird04, delibird12, corsola06, corsola09, swinub03, swinub09. 

5 choice cards for everyone; 1 per deck
R misdreavus08, A valentines102, I slowking06, N animepokeballs02, Y jigglypuff07.

mantine10, mantine11, houndoom10, houndoom11, houndour03, houndour07, skarmory08, skarmory04. 

weekly games twice this week:

Fruit Lottery - pack-electric. Freebies: primeape05, valentines101, misdreavus06, worlds19braixen02, pack-psychic, pack-fairy. Black Jack: steelix10, dratini02, pack-water, poke-05. Slots: noctowl03, typhlosion05, pack-water, poke-10. Level Guess: hitmontop06, persian04, pack-grass, poke-10. Card Collection (1): weedle12, flaaffy08 (double). Gym Roulette Lt. Surge: totodile10, eeveelutions07, pack-bug, pack-rock. Super Slots: poke-05. Lucky Scratches: poke-05, poke-05, pack-water. Tic Tac Toe: hypno03, bellossom12 (double), pack-normal, poke-10. 

stantler05, stantler06, hitmontop03, hitmontop01, elekid08, elekid02, phanpy04, phanpy02, smoochum07, smoochum02, magby10, magby08, porygon207, porygon212. 

suicune07, suicune03, pupitar10, pupitar06, miltank06, miltank02, raikou03, raikou04, blissey06, blissey03, celebi07, celebi05, tyranitar02, tyranitar04. 

F cleffa05, e misdreavus10, b animepokeballs12, r misdreavus12, u quagsire11, a valentines109, r ampharos01, y blissey08. (max 2 per deck)
5 choice cards from Gen 2 Pokemon - slowking10, quagsire02, cleffa09, girafarig04, ampharos08; max 1 per deck

Fruit lottery - mareep07. Freebies: dodrio04 (double), gastly08, alolanchu01, dpikachupromo03, pack-ground, pack-electric. Black Jack: scizor12, oddish10, pack-fire, poke-05. Card Collection (1): furret09, raikou01. Lucky Scratches: poke-05, koffing08, chasingdiancie08. Super Slots: pack-flying, poke-05. Slots: flareon01, pichu04, pack-normal, poke-10. Level Guess: hypno01, phanpy07, pack-rock, poke-10. Gym Roulette Sabrina: alolancats11, poke-10. Tic Tac Toe: qwilfish03, pidgey02, pack-water, poke-05


Advent Jan 1st: N valentines108, E squirtle02, W slowking02, Y flaaffy04, E bellossom11, A mareep08, R misdreavus01. Advent Jan 2nd: 01 mareep01, 02 misdreavus02, 03 valentines103, 04 slowking04, 05 animepokeballs05, 06 flaaffy06, 07 cleffa07, 08 girafarig08, 09 quagsire09, 10 marill10, 11 sunflora11, 12 squirtle12, Rainbow Pack

Random Regulars: lapras05, slowking11 (double), pichu06, cyndaquil12, flaaffy09, ponyta02, alolandigs02, zubat06, doduo09, 20thanniversary08

Card Worth Level (1): slowbro08 (double), paras12, omastar10. Card Worth Level (2): wooper12, jumptraining12, croconaw07

Mastered bellossom: squirtle10, paras03, magnemite05, spookyitems04 (double). Mastered squirtle: flaaffy11, fearow02, steelix12, pichu02. Mastered flaaffy: mareep04, kabuto09 (double), kangaskhan02, nidoranm05.

Level Up: mareep06, nidorina09, ledyba06, teammystic10

Electric Pack: magneton05, voltorb06, megagardevoir09, -1 Electric Pack. Electric Pack: ampharos09, chinchou02, sinnohstarters06, -1 Electric Pack. 


Advent Dec 31st: marill09, skiploom11, charmander12, mankey02, cleffa06, worlds19bastiodon07, primalgroudon04, 1stpokemoncollected02, luxraybreak12, backtoschool06. Advent calendar 20 - 4 choice cards - bellossom10, squirtle07, mareep09, flaaffy01. 

Updates - N - slowking12, E bellossom07, W slowking01, Y flaaffy08, E squirtle08, A mareep11, R squirtle11, 2 flaaffy02, 0 bellossom05, 2 mareep12, 0 misdreavus05; max 2 per deck

Lucky Scratches: igglybuff09, worlds19bastiodon11, pack-psychic. Super Slots: poke-10. Tic Tac Toe: slowking07, scyther12, pack-poison, poke-05. Level Guess: seadra08, graveler08, pack-ghost, poke-05. Slots: nidoranm03, blastoise01, pack-grass, poke-10


Updates - espeon11, espeon03, slowking03, slowking09, misdreavus07, misdreavus06, umbreon07, umbreon09. 

forretress07, forretress11, gligar06, gligar05, pineco11, pineco09, animepokeballs07, animepokeballs11, snubbull03, snubbull04, girafarig06, girafarig03, wobbuffet04, wobbuffet02. 

Wishing Well - one of every pack, so that's 18 types and 1 rainbow for everyone. Freebies: rhyhorn09, ledian04, wartortle02, worlds19bastiodon03, pack-ghost, pack-fire. Fruit Lottery: nidorina11. Black Jack: quagsire05, squirtle03 (double), pack-psychic, poke-05. Gym Roulette Misty: exeggcute09, pack-ice, poke-05. Card Claim: bellossom02, pikachu08. 

Advent Dec 9th: gem-rainbow, gem-rainbow, gem-rainbow. Advent Dec 19th: 50 Poke Coins. Advent Dec 10th: poke-05, poke-05, poke-10. Advent Dec 11th: 2 Rainbow Packs. Advent Dec 2nd: pack-flying, pack-fighting, pack-fighting, pack-fire. Advent Dec 23rd: pack-dark, pack-fighting, pack-ghost, pack-fire, gem-rainbow. Advent Dec 6th: 3 Type Packs - dark, fire, ghost. Advent Dec 1st: dragonair08, sandslash08, hoothoot03. Advent Dec 22nd: raticate09, yanma11, geodude09, alolandigs07, marill12, teamup10, miraculousduo08, kantoglkoga12, kantoglmisty08, gigafall07. Advent Dec 3rd: gyarados05, hoothoot02, funinthesun07, 1stjuniortrainer04. Advent Dec 5th: hitmonlee09, umbreon01, 20thannmythical05, 20thanniversary09. Freebies: valentines104, cubone08, porygon09, megagardevoir04, pack-ground, pack-ice. Advent Dec 12th: weedle09, bellsprout10, scyther04, bellossom04, porygon12. Advent Dec 13th: winter10, valentines111, 20thannmythical06, spring03, spookyitems04. Advent Dec 4th: S squirtle04, N slowking11, O bellossom08, W sudowoodo04. Advent Dec 25th: C cleffa12, H ampharos04, R squirtle03, I misdreavus09, S bellossom01, T valentines106, M mareep10, A flaaffy05, S squirtle01 (max 2 from one deck). Advent Dec 14th: H pikachu04, O bellossom09, L squirtle06, I misdreavus11, D charmander04, A mareep05, Y flaaffy07

Advent Dec 24th: Play Games Again - Tic Tac Toe: sandslash01, weedle04, pack-ice, poke-10. Fruit Lottery: flaaffy10. Slots: dodrio04, raichu11, pack-fire, poke-05. Super Slots: pack-electric, poke-05. Level Guess: nidorino08, jolteon10, pack-grass, poke-05. Lucky Scratches:  gem-rainbow, pack-flying, kantoe4agatha09. Gym Roulette Brock: hitmonlee06, pack-psychic, poke-05. Slots: spookyitems05, dratini09, pack-normal, poke-05


Updates - ampharos06, ampharos02, bellossom12, bellossom03, flaaffy03, flaaffy12, mareep02, mareep03. sunflora10, sunflora06, quagsire10, quagsire01, sunkern07, sunkern09, yanma08, yanma12. 

Fruit Lottery: pack-water. Lucky Scratches: poke-05,  gem-rainbow, pack-poison. Super Slots: poke-10. Black Jack: machoke09, geodude04, pack-ghost, poke-10. Gym Roulette Brock: horsea06, pack-flying, poke-05. Tic Tac Toe: totodile11, meganium07, pack-flying, poke-05. Freebies: azumarill05, alolanrocks07, natu07, hoennstarters01, pack-grass, pack-fairy 

Wish - 1 of each pack - pack-bug, pack-dark, pack-dragon, pack-electric, pack-fairy, pack-fighting, pack-fire, pack-flying, pack-ghost, pack-grass, pack-ground, pack-ice, pack-normal, pack-poison, pack-psychic, pack-rock, pack-steel, pack-water. 

Advent Dec 15th: pack-ghost, pack-rock, gem-rainbow, poke-05, poke-05. Advent Dec 16th: arcanine04, togetic04, primalkyogre10, gigafall06, mew05. Advent Dec 18th: kadabra08, ekans12, bellossom06, pack-rock, pack-dark 

December 9, 2019

Black Jack: butterfree08, tangela06, pack-fire, poke-05. Fruit Lottery - summer12. Easy Puzzle: kabuto09, tauros03, pack-fire, poke-05. Gym Roulette Sabrina: jynx04, poke-05. Freebies: sentret12, nidoranf09, feraligatr11, kantoglerika11, pack-dragon, pack-ice. Unreleased Cards Vote: venonat09, gengar07, marowak11. Lucky scratches - poke-10, gem-rainbow, and nidorina04. Level Guess: birthday01, lanturn02, pack-ground, poke-05. Slots: weezing09, zapdos06, pack-poison, poke-05. Super Slots: valentines202, vulpix06, pack-steel. Tic Tac Toe: cleffa02, voltorb03, pack-fire, poke-05.

Dec 5, 2019

Starter Pack: squirtle05, squirtle09, 20thanniversary03, kabutops05, slowbro08, flareon06