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Joined: 11/28/2019
Total Cards: 49

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11/29/2019 Pixel Mania: starwars414, hercules-hades08, hp1-harrypotter17, film board. Let It Go!: inception-arthur18, hp1-harrypotter03, toystory110.


Starter Pack: crazyrichasians09, crazyrichasians18, detroitrockcity10, thenotebook-allienoah16, prideandprejudice-mrdarcy05, transformers1-mikaelabanes06, casper-canikeepyou04, alwaysbemymaybe15, badtimesatelroyale13.
Card Claim: crazyrichasians-nickyoung05, aladdin-friendlikeme12. Hades Number: tnbc10, meangirls15. Tangled: 500daysofsummer13, backtothefuture08. Blackjack: dirtydancing12, memoirsofageisha17. Memory Mystery: up19, alwaysbemymaybe19. Which Character?: ghostship03, avatar16, hercules-hades03, film board, film board. Unreleased Cards Vote: frozen-letitgo06, edwardscissorhands06, starwars418. Iago's Tic Tac Toe: gonein60seconds06, littlemermaid03, catchingfire19. Which Poster?: catchingfire13, titanic-rosejack08, film board. Saga: acinderellastory-sammontgomery10, starwars419. Hangman's Joke: memoirsofageisha02, twilight03, loveactually-aureliajamie01. Hangman's Joke: memoirsofageisha02, twilight03, loveactually-aureliajamie01. Puzzle: constantine12, detroitrockcity09, chicago-cellblocktango11, film board, random regular movie ticket. Trivia: peterpan-wendypeter09, deadsilence14.

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