Name: Kathryn

Total Cards: 95
Joined: December 5, 2019









Might Trade


Will Trade





Updates - paramore04, paramore09, selena02, selena11, shakira01, shakira20. pussycatdolls12, pussycatdolls20, rihanna-diamonds10, rihanna-diamonds05, britneyspears-womanizer19, britneyspears-womanizer20. inthismoment06, inthismoment20, alexzjohnson-ruthlesslove05, alexzjohnson-ruthlesslove06, lisa05, lisa12. 

B backstreetboys02 L linkinpark06 U queen08 E adele-rollinginthedeep06. C toto-africa06 H shakira08 R linkinpark04 I pink20 S backstreetboys16 T adele-rollinginthedeep19 M korn-comingundone16 A pussycatdolls06 S spicegirls07.

Wheel of Fortune: kai15, disturbed11, shakira10. Freebies: demilovato08, edsheeran-legohouse18, shakira17, + 2 music notes. Hangman: mychemicalromance02, shawnmendes05. Blackjack: alyandaj14, kellyclarkson0. Pick A Random: mandymoore-cry18, + 2 music notes. Slots: spicegirls16, toto-africa18, demilovato06, + 2 music notes. Tic Tac Toe: ladygaga14, fatm-whatthewatergaveme11, + 1 music note. Higher or Lower: shakira01 (double), adamlevine11. Memory: nickjonas02, rihanna-diamonds18, + 2 music notes. Peeptin: arianagrande-onelasttime18, v01, pussycatdolls10, + 2 music notes

December 9, 2019

wish update: paramore05, nsync-byebyebye17, hwasa06, shinee-lovelikeoxygen10, britneyspears04, sf9-osolemio15, britneyspears-pieceofme15, robbiewilliams-bodies15, queen01, fatm-whatthewatergaveme04, eminem14, backstreetboys11. 

War: nothing. Wheel of Fortune: top16, kellyclarkson17, adele-rollinginthedeep09. Blackjack: rm02, linkinpark08 (double). Tic Tac Toe: edsheeran-legohouse05, ladygaga08, + 1 music note. Freebies: paparoach-scars04, meghantrainor19, nickjonas10, + 2 music notes. Slots: edsheeran-givemelove14, jonasbrothers-sos06, alyandaj02, + 2 music notes. Peeptin: ladygaga-badromance06, spicegirls10, korn-comingundone04, + 2 music notes. Hangman: ashleesimpson08, demilovato-coolforthesummer10. Memory: adele-rollinginthedeep16, littlemix-blackmagic02, + 2 music notes. Higher or Lower: adele-rollinginthedeep18, linkinpark-burnitdown17

December 5, 2019

Starter Pack: linkinpark13, linkinpark08, pink17, toto-africa10, mcr-welcometotheblackparade11, gackt02, adele-hello05, pink01, brunomars05

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