Name: Kathryn
Joined: 11/29/2019
Total Cards: 125
Money: 37 

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Advent Day 4 : bali12, munich14. Advent Day 5 : saintlouis11, neworleans01. Memory: bunrattycastle03, newyorkcity05, netherlands13, 2. Hangman: berlin15, disneyanimalkingdom14, northernlights08 (double), 2. Lottery (1 Number) : harrypotterwb14, notredame15. Guess The Number : forbiddencity02, barcelona07, sandiego11. Peeptin: cinqueterre03, japan13, antarctica09 (double), 4. Freebies : grandcanyon06, saintlouis04, tulipfields03, penguins01, epcot03, 3. Vote: magickingdom14, keywest05, taiyaki13, 4 


Advent Day 1 : egypt08 (double), chicago10, amazonrainforest07, epcot13, versailles11. Advent Day 2 : 2 x choice coupons

Blackjack: cheesefondue15 (double), geocaching02, australia13, 3. Slots: cheesefondue01, seattle01, bunrattycastle04, 5. Spin The Wheel (places): eiffeltower04, cinqueterre08. Treasure Hunt: cologne15, lasvegas03, cologne10, 3. Tic Tac Toe: grandcanyon03, neworleans13 (double). Vote: newyorkcity14, athens11, northernlights04, 3. Shuffle Word: spain12, tulipfields09, notredame01, 3. Wish: barcelona10, 2. Card Claim: (December 5): antarctica09, northernlights14

Updates - giantpandas12, giantpandas14, electricalstorms01, electricalstorms12, smores01, smores06, bunrattycastle10, bunrattycastle14, cairo01, and cairo04

D cheesefondue11 E egypt15 C antarctica01 E geishas06 M yosemite09 B redtelephonebox08 E northernlights07 R starfestival04

Melting Pot: Traded egypt08 for amazonrainforest02


Starter Pack: egypt05, egypt14, helsinki11, athens03, geishas15, catacombs07, ziplining08, neworleans13, 30

Blackjack: eggwaffles15, antarctica15, fishandchips11, 3. Treasure Hunt: ziplining05, bubbletea10, amsterdam14, 2. Spin The Wheel (cities): helsinki07. Tic Tac Toe: harrypotterwb08, japan09. Vote: netherlands14, malaysia04, buckinghampalace14, 3. Hangman: cheesefondue15, northernlights11, prague09, 2. Guess The Number : starfestival05, stonehenge11, seattle09. Freebies : eggwaffles01, grandcanyon10, yosemite04, egypt08, helsinki13, 3. Memory: mayanruins09, theparthenon14, geishas05, 2. Peeptin: dublin08, chicago05, keywest12, 5. Slots: northernlights05, copenhagen05, prague02, 5. Shuffle Word: northernlights08, forbiddencity10, eggwaffles01, 3. Card Claim: (November 30): egypt10, northernlights01. Lottery (3 Numbers) : keywest03, theparthenon10, catacombs14, one choice card: egypt02. Guess The Country : geishas14, starfestival07, saintlouis02, 5. Bought a card: Choice Card : egypt04. Choice Card : egypt11.

Melting Pot: Traded eggwaffles01 for africangrey10

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