Name: Kathryn
Joined: 11/29/2019
Total Cards: 123

Coins: 36 

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Games (first play through)
Tic Tac Toe: terraria06, sora15, + 1 coin. Freebies: wowcataclysm01, falloutnewvegas14, morriganaensland17, + 2 coins. Wheel of Fortune: dinocrisis315. Blackjack: rikku18, silenthill519. Memory: tekken403, kasumi02, + 2 coins. Peeptin: astrosmash16, ninokuni10, dinerdash01, + 2 coins. Slots: fatalframe06, psychonauts02, supermariobros318, + 2 coins. Pick A Random: oerbadiavanille06, bangdreamgbp10, kasumi12. Hangman - nothing. Higher or Lower: finalfantasycc09, banjokazooie09. Card Claim: cookingacademy07, duckhunt19. Unreleased Cards Vote: borderlands213, animalcrossing01, pteraonline08.

Games: 2nd play through:

War: simsbustinout12, mercy03. Wheel of Fortune: xmenlegends20, masseffect15. Tic Tac Toe: pdeadoralive509, terraria05, + 1 coin. Freebies: ladysylvanas10, garrusvakarian17, grandtheftautov07, + 2 coins. Slots: candycrushsaga04, cookingacademy18, farcry311, + 2 coins. Peeptin: kingdomhearts11, tekken305, psychonauts03, + 2 coins. Memory: oerbadiavanille03, toad12, + 2 coins. Pick A Random: cullenrutherford01, duckhunt18, residentevil202. Higher or Lower: supermario6404, cookingacademy209.


Updates - sonicthehedgehog216, sonicthehedgehog205, panimalcrossingnl17, panimalcrossingnl03, papermario03, and papermario17

Unreleased Cards Vote: banjotooie12, finalfantasyix06, fenris04. Card Claim: harvestmoon18, tetris15. Hangman: dizzy02, candycrushsaga01.

COLD: animalcrossing20, thelionking12, donkeykong11, and mariokart6404


War: guiltygearxx03, garrusvakarian05. Blackjack: laracroft15, fallout313. Tic Tac Toe: ahritheninetailedfox17, supermariobros311, + 1 coin. Freebies: mariokart6416, alanwake18, candycrushsaga03, + 2 coins. Wheel of Fortune: yoshisstory08, adawong03, mercy06. Slots: papermario10, caitlynthesheriffofpiltover11, vulpix15, + 2 coins. Peeptin: thelionking18, tekken414, spyro06, + 2 coins. Memory: grandtheftautov18, fatalframeiii18, + 2 coins. Pick A Random: falloutnewvegas06, + 2 coins. Higher or Lower: finalfantasyviii19, aqua17.

Starter Pack: animalcrossing18, animalcrossing15, mariokart6418, vulpix06, terraria20, dinocrisis308, sailormoonanotherstory03, baldursgate18, borderlands217.
War: ironbull02, farcry317. Blackjack: animalcrossingnl16, diabloiii11. Tic Tac Toe: dantetrish11, anders12, + 1 coin. Freebies: creeper06, elderscrollsvskyrim02, finalfantasyxiv07, + 2 coins. Peeptin: dragonageii20, left4dead214, finalfantasyxivopening20, + 2 coins. Memory: heavyrain04, donkeykong14, + 2 coins. Higher or Lower: thelionking16, dva06. Pick A Random: astrosmash09, finalfantasycc18, batmanaa11. Hangman: diddykongracing18, buffyvampireslayer14. Card Claim: left4dead203, left4dead206. Slots: tetris11, harvestmoontot01, charmander13, + 2 coins.

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