Aesthetic: a bishounen tcg


I have no idea what bishounen is, but I am super happy somebody submitted their TCG! Woot! Woot! I looked up what it is: beautiful young men. The term inspired many Animes. The TCG is owned by Cami. If you want to get to know her better, check out the staff page.

Stay Tuned!

Can you believe it?  I am still hanging around here with plans for this site that I hope to accomplish a least a bit this weekend.

Helpful Hand/MyTCG


Unless you’re a complete n00b to TCGs, you know what MyTCG is.  It’s what makes creating a TCG so much easier, but it also can be the reason so many tcgs seem so similar to each other. Helpful Hand is owned by Kari, though Kari is not the original creator of MyTCG, I provide you [...]

Exposure Forums


A great way to discuss your new TCG or find others’ TCGs.  It also has amazing support forums for creating your own TCG.

Well, hello there

Rainbow in my living room - The rainbow connects the sky with the earth.

I know, I know.  It’s been a really long time.  Sure, the exchange has been going strong because I actually update that frequently even if it doesn’t look like it.  At the very least, the people who join know I update it.  I think sometimes in the TCG world things get a bit tooo automated. [...]